It's our mission to bring to the world a clean and sustainable grape spirit with the heart and soul of California. 

The history of grape distillation spans more than 500 years, crosses continents and cultures. Pisco is the first great spirit of the Americas and was first distilled in Peru in the late 1500’s. 

Wine grapes were first distilled in California during the 1700’s. California has always been tied to South America and Peru in particular by trade and by their long common history of viticulture, grape distillate consumption and production. California Brandy was once highly regarded worldwide, but it wasn’t until the arrival of Pisco from Peru in the 19th century that a blended grape distillate would truly capture the hearts of North Americans.

A libation with deep historical and cultural connections to the US starting with California’s Gold Rush in the mid-1800s, where it was the most popular spirit up until Prohibition. It was the world famous Pisco Punch that fueled the beginnings of the modern cocktail movement and made Pisco one of the most popular spirits in San Francisco.  The re-emergence of the cocktail renaissance over the last decade has seen explosive growth in the craft spirits industry. 

Inspired by this rich history we proudly present the rebirth of this timeless spirit and the finest distilled expression of California grapes. 

California has had a long love story with grapes. From wine to brandy, California has always been on the forefront of production and consumption. California’s pedigree with grapes along with the history of this spirit mixed together with our love for both is what makes Calisco a true spirit of the Americas, with roots in the traditions of Pisco distillation in South America, a reverent nod to the history of California brandy, and a bended ear towards the innovation of the California Spirit.

The founders, Paul Sanguinetti and David Slade, not only reside in, but live and breathe California. They are proud to bring their love and respect for Pisco to their home state. As former members of the industry leading Peruvian Pisco brand, they were inspired to take what they learned and bring things to the next level. The team is using knowledge of blending expertise, and applying it to the thriving wine and spirit industry in the Golden State. California’s world leading wine reputation and enormous selection of grape varietals opens a window to a myriad of new blend options never seen before.

They’ve taken their love for California along with over a half dozen different grape distillates representing over a half dozen different varietals and masterfully blended a spirit that not only pays homage to, and tastes of, true South American Pisco, but also embodies the entrepreneurial spirit, tradition and rich, sun drenched terroir of California. 

Calisco is unique in that it’s the first spirit of its kind, an un-aged, blended 100% pure California Grape Spirit without any additives, and distilled to perfection. Distilled and blended in a carefully curated method that removes impurities while retaining the essence and flavors of sustainably grown grapes. Calisco can be sipped on its own to explore the nuanced flavors and aromas of California wines, or mixed in place of tequila or rum in your favorite cocktail. 

It is the intent of Calisco Spirits to bring to the world a clean and sustainable, un-aged grape spirit with the heart and soul of California. A spirit that not only represents sustainability but also working with local communities for a greater good, active lifestyle, and a joie de vivre attitude. Today, that spirit is reborn as Calisco. 

Blended with intention and bottled with pride.



A symphony of grape varietals selected from sun drenched California vineyards, masterfully distilled and intentionally blended for vivid flavor, purity, and universal mixability.


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Employee owned. Sustainably produced and bottled by Calisco Spirits. Ukiah, CA
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