We get lots of questions all the time about Calisco, so as you can imagine, we figured we would cover some common ones here. Although, if you really want to get some answers, its best to start with a bottle of our magical grape spirit, the rest will probably fall into place!

What is Calisco?
Calisco is a new spirit with an old story, spanning decades and continents. We like to say, its liquid history which we’ve cleverly captured in a bottle. This is a grape spirit, like a brandy, but produced and blended with a nod to the traditional Piscos of South America. For us, Calisco is a continuation of a Peruvian story that blends traditions and is the beginning of a new era for California grape spirits, marrying the old traditions of Pisco and California Brandy.
Is Calisco a Pisco?
How dare you! Just kidding, No, by definition Calisco is not a Pisco. We’re not allowed to call this “Pisco”, which is a category that is reserved for grape distillates produced exclusively in Peru and Chile in accordance with each country’s Denomination of Origin. Calisco is distilled and blended in California, but we can proudly say it drinks like a South American Pisco, but softer and cleaner due to our uniqueflexibility in distillation methods. Its science!
Is Calisco a Brandy?
Technically yes, but definitely not your grandparents “brandy”! Calisco is an un-oaked California grape brandy intentionally blended to stand amongst the world’s finest brandies and by the way, we are very good! But don’t ask us, Calisco was recently awarded the title of “Best Brandy” buy the 2022 Sunset International Spirit Competition (double gold medal and awarded a 95 point rating), 2022 San Francisco World Spirits Competition Gold, and 2022 Singapore World Spirits Competition Gold.
What does Calisco taste like?
We can get really fancy here, but let just say Calisco reminds us of the focus and fun of the Spirit of California itself. Definitely fresh, and give it a good sniff to find floral and jasmine notes. Our master distiller says honeysuckle and bergamot, green apple and asian pear, but lets be honest, mix it with grapefruit juice or ginger beer and noone is tasting any damn pears.At the end of the day, literally, you want to saddle up to something pure, flavorful and ready to sip neat or as the base for your favorite cocktail.
What grape varietals are used in Calisco?
We get our grapes from all over California, but focus on Northern and Central Coast field blends. We know that makes zero sense, so lets say, Sauvignon Blanc, Muscat and other white grape varietals. If you want to geek out you can head over to the Spirit of California product page.
Is Calisco gluten free?
Why yes, yes it is! Calisco is made from 100% from red and white wine grapes which are naturally gluten free. The distillation process also removes proteins, including gluten, from the liquor. Despite our clever appearance, we’re not medical professionals, however you might worry more about that plate of pasta if gluten is your issue!
Does Calisco contain additives?
Nope. Our spirit is 100% organic, no coloring, sugars nor flavors added. We’re not saying you won’t get a hangover if you over imbibe, but You’ll definitely notice it the next day after celebrating with your friends and family! (Drink responsibly of course!)
Where can I buy Calisco?
We are ever expanding on this one, so look for a bar or store near you soon. Calisco is currently distributed in California, and is available at many of the best bars in Los Angeles, the Bay Area on up into the Northern wine country. You can find us for purchase online as well. Use our map [link] to find the nearest place to you. Follow us on Instagram [link] to keep up with new locations as we add them.
How do I drink it?
How about you tell us! WeWhile we like to enjoy Calisco on its own with a slice or two of melon or citrus as it sips wonderfully neat or over ice. It also finds itself comfortably at home subbed into any of your favorite cocktail recipes that call for pisco, rum, or tequila.
How is Calisco made?
To edit the text and items of your accordion, just hover above the accordion module and click on the edit icon. Now you can just edit your text inline and add or remove items.Take a trip through our Cocktails [link] to discover all of the ways Calisco can be enjoyed!
Where is Calisco made?
While our love for grape spirits and our craft were honed across South America, North America and Europe, Calisco comes from grapes grown in sun drenched fields across California and then blended and bottled in Ukiah, California.
As a bartender or server how would I describe Calisco to a guest?
The simplest way to describe it would be a California Pisco, but that can be a little bit tricky! Like we said above, it’s not a Pisco because it isn’t from Peru. It’s from California. It is a spirit made from a select variety of California wines distilled and blended to create a smooth, fresh tasting, infinitely mixable spirit that challenges the ideas of what a California grape spirit can be.



A symphony of grape varietals selected from sun drenched California vineyards, masterfully distilled and intentionally blended for vivid flavor, purity, and universal mixability.


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