Our family is a growing collective of industry professionals with extensive expertise in the production, the service, the history, cultural context, and markets of wine and spirits both in the United States and throughout Latin America. Our intentions are to redefine and elevate grapes spirits into a whole new category.




Paul's name is on the bottle and with good reason. He's our Master Distiller, brand ambassador and co-founder, Oh My!  No detail is to be overlooked and that comes from more than 18 years from coast to coast in the hospitality industry.  If you want to get him going, ask about all things grape related, hip hop and movie trivia.



He's co-founder at Calisco and makes the trains run David's love for product development and leadership spans more than 20 years and with Fortune 100 companies around the world, leading him to Paris where he studied oenology at INSEEC Wine & Spirits Institute. He was a partner and investor in a Peruvian Pisco and nerds out on Tommy Boy trivia with Paul and spreadsheets.



It was the word “Pisco" that made grape spirits give Gianna "All the feels,” while she was working a bucket-list wine vintage in Casablanca, Chile. Not a shock, some wine industry shenanigans and ended up finding the Calisco team...side note, we all love shenanigans.  In-between Gianna made wine for Flowers Winery, started her brand Wander-Must and still collaborates today with this crafty canned wine brand Maker and other outside the box wine projects. We managed to wow Gianna with her very first sip of Calisco at a bottling meeting, the rest is history.



Brand and marketing is never what we say about ourselves, rather what our customers are saying about us…this is Jonas’s philosophy behind the marketing genius of Calisco. Just ask him! Formerly an Emmy Award winning TV news man, Jonas landed in the world of technology and has developed a love for building great things, so when his long time buddy David reached out, it was a no brainer. Jonas is a passionate chef,, loves craft cocktails and finding the hidden bars around the world, he also has fantastic hair. 



We call Adam the utility infielder, he can play any position and makes it look easy! When it comes to Calisco's creative look and feel, including our cool website and social media, thats all Adam. We try not to talk about it much, but all of this technical goodness is kept rolling because we keep Adam's glass full of his favorite drink, the Calisco Chilcano!



Sam is the proverbial genie  in the Calisco bottle that holds the team together. Its his seasoned focus on distribution, web development, E-commerce that has helped get Calisco off the ground and into bars around the country.  There are no strangers to Sam and it shows with his strong client relationships, workforce management, tech development and total disregard for public safety!



The Calisco boots on the ground, Jared has a critical understanding and knack for "what works". His mind is always thinking of the bartender, the customer and how Calisco will make their visit and imbibing experience a  better one.  From brewing and distilling in Peru, to studying coffee in Colombia, Jared is the Indiana Jones of the fermented beverage and brings historical perspective to everything we do.



A symphony of grape varietals selected from sun drenched California vineyards, masterfully distilled and intentionally blended for vivid flavor, purity, and universal mixability.


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Employee owned. Sustainably produced and bottled by Calisco Spirits. Ukiah, CA
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