A well traveled palate will recognize this as a nod to the renowned Pisco Sours of South America. Not much has changed with this recipe as we find it to truly be one of the best cocktails suited for our grape spirit, producing a decadent white foam with a beautiful floral and fruity aroma.

In 1915, Victor Morris moved to Lima and founded Morris' Bar which served as a gathering spot for the Peruvian upper class and English speaking ex-pats. The saloon became the center of drink experimentation for Morris. Nicknamed Gringo, he created the Pisco Sour as a riff on the whiskey sour and the libations 100 year old legacy lives on till this day. Calisco honors this synergy of Peruvian and American cultures in the modern age through this dangerously refreshing homage.



• 2 oz Calisco Spirit of California
• 1 egg white
• .5 oz lime juice
• .5 oz. lemon juice
• .75 oz simple syrup
• 4 drops of aromatic bitters

The Build

• Add all ingredients except ice to the shaker and shake well for 10 seconds
• Add ice and shake vigorously for another 5-seconds
• Strain the cocktail into glass and top with bitters


• 4 drops of aromatic bitters


• Serve up in a coupe or down in an old fashioned glass



A symphony of grape varietals selected from sun drenched California vineyards, masterfully distilled and intentionally blended for vivid flavor, purity, and universal mixability.


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